1. Old School Strong, Part 2: The Biceps from the Bronx

    In this first follow-on article in the “Old School Strong” series we are going to dive into the training of Marvin Eder or “The Biceps from the Bronx.” Marvin Eder was still a teenager when he powered his way into the strength world, competing in and taking second place in his first ever bodybuilding show. Before we start diving into some of his training lets go ahead and take a quick look…Read More

  2. Funky Strength: The Power of the Pinky

    If you have been lifting for awhile you know that immediately increasing strength and adding three pull-ups to your next set is about as far fetched as it gets, even in the bro-science gym world. Adding three simple pull-ups usually takes weeks of hard work. We’re not saying you can skip this hard work and still increase your strength, on the contrary, what this article will show you is that you…Read More

  3. Old School Strong, Part 1: Originals

    John Grimek. Eugen Sandow. Marvin Eder. George Hackenschmidt. What do these men all have in common? Muscle and Might. These are names from the era of physical culture, when exercising specifically to get big and strong had just started to become widespread. Previously, strength and size were widely considered to be a byproduct of your occupation. For example, working in a steel mill in the 1920s w…Read More

  4. Want to see better results in the Gym? Try Sleep

    It’s funny, here in Colorado people get excited about winter and snow because there is so much this state has to offer that compliments cold weather. Great skiing, beautiful views, and hardly any of the slush and ice that comes with winter in many other places. But many of us aren’t from Colorado, we came from places where winter is nothing more than cold wind and frozen faces. The immediate r…Read More