Jay – General Manager and Coach

Jay has a wide-ranging background in the fitness and services industries with experience as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Formerly a marathoner, seven years ago he discovered CrossFit’s ability to put heavy lifting into a dynamic environment and never looked back.

Certifications: CF-L1 Trainer, Fedorenko Kettlebell Instructor, previously AFAA-CPT.
Favorite Exercise: Deadlift/Muscle-Ups
Favorite Cheat Food: Put a pie in front of him and say goodnight.
Ask Me About: Strength Programming and Kettlebell Sport.

Julia – Operations Manager and Coach

A US Army Veteran and experienced operations manager, her fitness background lies in CrossFit, group fitness instruction, running, and general physical development. Her passion for training lies in Olympic Weightlifting.

Certifications: CF-L1 Trainer
Favorite Exercise: Skwaaats, all the time!
Favorite Cheat Food: Bubblegum Ice Cream
Ask Me About: Olympic Weightlifting

Adriel – Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

Personal Trainer since 2013 and currently studying Nutrition at Metropolitan State University (MSU) of Denver. He has been practicing Muay Thai since 2014.

Certifications: NASM – Personal Training.
Favorite Exercise: 360 Box Jump with Burpee
Favorite Cheat Food: Pizza
Ask Me About: Training for Obstacle Course Racing

Bill – Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

“I work with a full range of clients, from competitive athletes to individuals simply interested in building a healthy lifestyle. Together we create a program that meets your specific needs regardless of any physical challenges or medical conditions you may face.”

Certifications: ACE-CPT, TRX, Maddog Spin Instructor
Check Me Out: www.billludington.com
Favorite Exercise: Push-Up
Favorite Cheat Food: Potato Chips
Ask Me About: Triathlon Training

Martha – Personal Trainer

Experienced. Holistic. Motivational.
“I coach deconditioned individuals as well as seasoned athletes towards lifestyle changes for optimal health, happiness, and peak performance.”

Certifications: NSCA-CPT, ACE-CPT
Check Me Out: Martha’s IDEA Profile
Favorite Exercise: Hiking, yoga, or total body weight workout.
Favorite Cheat Food: A good burger and fries.
Fun Facts: Mom to two cats.

Mary – Personal & Group Yoga Instructor

She focuses on recovery and restorative yoga training to return the body to a state of balance with an emphasis on functional flexibility including static and dynamic movements, breath connection, muscular alignment, and stress reduction in areas of the body.

Certifications: 200 Hour Vinyasa Flow Certified Instructor by Yoga Alliance, 200 Hour Holistic Yoga Flow Teacher training with Eliot and Eckstrom.
Check Me Out: Mary Jo Arena Yoga
Ask Me About: Private Yoga Sessions

Cody – FHIT Program Director

A former competitive Olympic Weightlifter and CrossFit athlete, Cody specializes in body mechanics with a special place in his heart for dysfunctional movement. He believes that pain can be alleviated through healthy movement and has a history of changing his client’s lives and mindset by ridding them of pain.

Certifications: B.S. Integrative Physiology, CSCS, Former CFL2, Graston and Voo Doo Flossing
Ask Me About: Fixing your aches and pains, olympic weightlifting, strength training
Favorite Exercise: Clean and Jerk
Favorite Cheat Food: Donuts
Fun Facts: “I’ll go up and down the snowy mountains all day, don’t tempt me with a good time!”

Petra – Group Fitness Instructor

“I believe that our bodies are designed to move and our potential is limitless… there has to be a healthy balance to life, exercise and nutrition in order for us to perform at our best.”

Certifications: ACE Health Coach, AFAA Group Exercise Instructor, TRX, Insanity, Jillian Michaels Body Shred and more.
Check Me Out: Petra Storm Fitness
Favorite Exercise: Mountain Biking
Favorite Cheat Food: Sweet Potato Fries
Fun Facts: Fluent in German, loves to dance, and dogs are the best!!

Carrie – Personal Trainer

Carrie has a bachelor’s degrees in both Health Promotion/Wellness and German from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. She has worked in the fitness industry as a trainer and in management roles since 1990. She is an Elite Level Personal Fitness Trainer with the IDEA Personal Trainer Recognition Program.

Certifications: NASM, YogaFit, Yoga Therapy Levels 1-3, ACE Group Fitness, Barre Basics
Favorite Exercise:  Alpine skiing and doing stairs, lots of them!
Favorite Cheat Food: I don’t believe in “Cheat Foods”. I don’t think one should restrict any food from their diet, just eat those “cheat foods” very infrequently and in moderation (1-4 bites).
Fun Facts: She owns a sword for winning the 2012 CO State Natural Overall ABA/INBA Sports Model competition, and the 2012 CO State Natural Fitness Championships 1st Place Sports Model Novice

Michael – Group Fitness Instructor

“I train the body in layers. First, the deepest layers are trained to develop core stability, then, the outer muscular layer is strengthened using rotational and suspension tools such as TRX and bungee cords.”

Certifications: B.A. in Sports Science
Favorite Exercise: Rotational Chopping Patterns with the TRX ripcord.
Favorite Cheat Food: Beer
Fun Facts: Married with two daughters who are awesome softball players. We all love to explore outdoor Colorado!

Seth – Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

A former engineer, he graduated from the National Personal Training Institute of Colorado in 2015. He has a strong background in endurance sports, bodyweight fitness, and mobility training. He lives the weekend warrior lifestyle and knows how to keep your body ready to go when you need it.

Certifications: NPTI Colorado Graduate with Honors, NASM, Precision Nutrition (PN1), GymnasticBodies Level .5, FRC Mobility Specialist.
Check Me Out: www.manbunfitness.com
Favorite Exercise: Hand Stands
Favorite Cheat Food: I can destroy a bag of chips!
Ask Me About: Mobility

Zhi  – Personal and Group Yoga Instructor

Growing up with asthma and scoliosis had been great teachers for my Yoga practice. After my first class, I decided to study Yoga’s magical properties by going through both 200 and 300 hours of certification through Yoga Works in California. I also was lucky to have apprenticed with master teachers before being pushed by them to teach, too.  I’m happy to report that after 12 years of teaching from studios to Hollywood to inner cities to law firms to kids, I am still very much in love with Yoga and the students are now my best teachers.

Certifications:  Yoga Works Certification 200 and 300 hours
Favorite Exercise: Yoga & Hip Hop
Favorite Cheat Food: Deep fried tofu
Fun Facts: The word “marathon” was synonymous with any race in Indonesia where I was from, usually a 5-10k. When I first arrived in the US, I accidentally did a “marathon”. 26.2 miles of agony later, I limped to the finish. It was a painful vocabulary lesson.  Ok, years later, I went back and did 2 more – knowingly 😉  I met my husband through (intentional) running and we have a 3-year-old today that is constantly making us run after him.