Kronos (or Cronus) was the King of the Titans in Greek Mythology. Also known as Father Time and the Titan of the Harvest, he and his siblings (the Titans) were immortal giants of great strength and knowledge. Greek Mythology says the time of his rule was known as the Golden Age of mankind, where people did not need rules or laws because dishonesty was nonexistent. We make every attempt to model the ethos of the Golden Age in the conduct of our business.


We aim to provide fitness services unmatched in the commitment to building an atmosphere that is welcoming and supportive, enjoyable, focused on results, and dedicated to the lifetime pursuit of health, strength, and fitness.


The Kronos Crew is a group of fitness professionals that finally found a home in Denver, Colorado. Our team members searched for many years to find a gym that offered a great community environment, quality training focused on results, well-maintained facilities, and a friendly staff always ready to help. After years of searching we became tired of looking for a gym with that certain spark and decided to build it ourselves. We take pride in our ability to combine those elements to bring you an unequaled experience designed for your success.


At Kronos all of the programs are founded on four fundamental aspects for training success:

  • Programming, Nutrition, Functionality, and Consistency

Our promise to you is to provide the coaching and support you need in all four of these training aspects to help your build towards your goals. Our Crew is not interested in providing a neglectful environment like those other gyms that want your money and hope you never come in to use their equipment. At Kronos Strength and Fitness we want you working hard in the gym and challenging our team to provide the superior services we offer.